Professional Development

ASPIRE Golf Consulting offers among its services the opportunity for you to spend a unique two days with golf industry expert Tim Moraghan. The company’s program, ASPIRE Higher®, includes Tim and a team of communications professionals who take you through the paces of enhancing your social skills, sharpening interview techniques and broadening your view of the agronomic process in an effort to prepare for career advancement.

From the moment of arrival in New Jersey you will be the beneficiary of Tim’s undivided personal attention and guidance.

An intensive, half-day walk around a golf course and maintenance facilities offers a 360-degree perspective under the guidance of one of golf’s most knowledgeable professionals. Among the areas reviewed are grasses, irrigation, practice facilities, renovations or improvements, staffing, annual budget, maintenance facility and equipment.

The day continues with a business lunch designed to emulate the experiences that may occur during the job interview process or while in your superintendent position. During this portion of your day, table manners, as well as social and communication skills will be critiqued. Additionally, time will be devoted to “dressing for success.”

Lunch is followed by a simulated job interview with “club management and committee members” who put you through the interview process, asking questions likely to be asked in a formal interview. Because this is a role-playing situation, questions and appropriate answers are practiced in real time in order to gain immediate feedback and reinforcement.

Following the ASPIRE Higher® session, you will receive a written report and your resume, cover letter and references will be evaluated and revised.

Spending this amount of quality time with Tim and his associates (Georgiana Francisco of ByGeorge Communications and Karen Moraghan of Hunter Public Relations) is both stimulating and rewarding. It’s an open forum with straightforward feedback and dialog, all geared to honing and fine-tuning your interview skills.