Tim on Tee to Green Radio Show

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Tim recently appeared as a guest on Colorado’s Tee to Green radio show.

Whistling Rock Country Club To Refine Golf Course

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Chuncheon, South Korea (April 12, 2016) – Whistling Rock Country Club—the No. 2 golf course in Korea as ranked by Golf Magazine Korea—will begin a refinement project this month. Under the direction of Eric Iverson, Vice President of Tom Doak’s Renaissance Golf Design of Traverse City, Michigan, Whistling Rock will receive subtle but significant changes Read more…

The 2015 Grainy Awards

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The Fourth Annual It’s that time of year again, when I gleefully recount the season just ended by bestowing the Grainy Awards. They are the Oscars of the outdoors, the Grammies of the greens, and my heartfelt attempt to recognize the up and downs of golf. Humanitarian Award: Dr. Patricia J. Vittum The well-deserved recipient Read more…

Superintendents vs. Land Cruisers

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What do Golf Course Superintendents have in common with Land Cruisers? Dependable Reliable Work horses Strong Tackle any obstacle May not be pretty, but powerful Will take you on Versatile     My favorite car since 1979….  

2015 – Thankful List

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It’s That Time of Year – With Appreciation I’m thankful for many things – all year long – but this year, I decided to let people know how thankful I really am. Aside from the people, places and things I appreciate about the sport, I decided to get down in the dirt and take a Read more…

5 Myths About Course Maintenace

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Aspire Golf’s Tim Moraghan appears in LINKS Magazine’s May 2015 HOTLINKS. 5 Myths About… Course Maintenance Be careful when complaining about conditions, says Tim Moraghan, who used to set up courses for the USGA THE GOLF COURSE SUPERINTENDENT LIKES TO OVERWATER If the course is too wet, don’t blame the super and his crew, who Read more…

The Other Shoe to Drop

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The issue of golf shoes and cleats damaging the golf course—specifically greens—is gaining traction. After raising some concerns last month in this column, I’ve heard from many superintendents and others in the industry. That reaction has added fuel to the fire, which is why this magazine is devoting a number of articles to the problem Read more…

Not So Soft Spikes

Posted on: February 19th, 2015 by Tim Moraghan 8 Comments

I’m usually a big proponent of technology, of adopting new equipment and ideas to make golf better. However, we need to reconsider one of the most significant changes of the past few decades in light of evidence that is most obvious to us, green superintendents. It may be time to take a hard line against Read more…

Met Golfer Magazine – Golf in 2040

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Tim was recently published in Met Golfer Magazine’s feature story on Golf in 2040. The article featured a number of experts in the golf industry and their predictions of what will be the state of the game in the future. (Click on article for full view)

Going at Things Ass Backwards

Posted on: June 8th, 2014 by Tim Moraghan 8 Comments

The follow post appeared on GolfCourseIndustry.com in March 2014. Aspire Golf is including it here on our blog to share along with it some of the feedback we received. Have you been in the golf business long enough to remember the Basakwerd putter? Introduced in the 1980s, it was constructed with the shaft entering at Read more…